Fraternal Awards Luncheon

Keynote Speaker: Bro. Dr. Doe Boyland, CEO, Boyland Auto Group, LLC


In the highly competitive auto dealership business, there are winners and losers.  And Bro. Dr. Dorian “Doe” Boyland is a winner. With his passion for excellence and dedication to hard work and achievement, Doe has risen through the ranks to the top of his profession, and he’s committed to making your product a winner. For more than 30 years, he has consistently delivered outstanding profitability, sales and customer satisfaction for every product he’s represented. Doe Boyland has always driven himself to work hard and succeed, he’s a classic American success story. From his early childhood, he had a strong desire to excel and he found inspiration right in his own family.

Growing up, Doe excelled in both academics and sports. He competed in the classroom for outstanding grades. Through hard work and determination, he received a scholarship to college at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh where he earned a degree in business and computer science, and was recently bestowed an honorary doctorate degree during the institutions Spring 2019 morning commencement ceremony. Doe played basketball and baseball in college and his athletic talent eventually took him all the way to professional baseball, where he was involved with the 1979 Pittsburg Pirates that won the World Series against the Baltimore Orioles.

Major league ball was a proving ground for Doe and not just athletically, it also helped prepare him for success in all aspects of life. After retiring from pro baseball, Doe took up the challenge of car sales, which quickly proved to be a wise choice. Founded in 1985, Boyland Auto Group was Black Enterprise‘s Automotive Dealer of the Year in 2003. Today, it has over 690 employees and eight dealerships in five states, including one of the most successful Mercedes-Benz dealerships in the country. In 2018, Black Enterprise ranked the company 3rd on its Auto Dealers list with revenues of $653 million. Orlando Business Journal said once he was the 3rd largest privately-owned business in Orlando.  

Beyond the triumphs of his many successful business enterprises, he has dedicated his self to life-changing philanthropy. Doe has an impressive record of benevolence for crucial causes, educational missions and social justice initiatives. These include support for community foundations that sustain Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs); scholarships and assistance for disadvantaged students and families; nonprofits providing basic human needs; programs helping close socioeconomic gaps and dismantle barriers preventing young people of color from accessing and succeeding in high school and college; and a host of other beneficiaries.

He has been described as “a successful businessperson, a developer of people and a supporter of those less fortunate…a philanthropist that has inspired, motivated, coached and counseled while giving support to many, many underprivileged families and communities.” In total, he embodies the determination, the success, the service and the citizenship this Fraternity works so hard to help cultivate in every Alpha man.

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